Genoa becomes ‘Preziosa’

mscMarch 2013

The launch of the new flagship of MSC Crociere: the MSC Preziosa. The event involved numerous initiatives on the territory and on the web.

As part of the launch, a big event was staged in Piazza de Ferrari in Genoa, 15-16 March: MSC The Social Game, the prize for which was a cruise on the new ship and invitations to the baptism ceremony. We realized an interactive videoprojection more than 60 meters wide on the façade of the Palazzo della Regione Liguria, which invited all passersby to participate in the game, communicating the appointment to the city with the event itself.

The launch ceremony for the new ship was held on 23 March: the MSC Preziosa, anchored at the Ponte dei Mille, provide the majestic backdrop for a thrilling show that took place inside a scenic transparent structure with a capacity of 2,500. We provided the videoprojections on the central screen and the distinctive lateral sail structures.

Illustrious guests and an extraordinary ‘godmother’, Sophia Loren, and for the first time the participation of the entire city, thanks to the installation of a second stage at the Porto Antico for a major event open to the public, for which we did the videoprojections on a maxi screen of the live coverage of the launch.

We also provided light, sound, rigging system and wireless bridges to put in contact light&sound on board with light&sound on ground and go together in sync.


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