light 198x115

We carry out a large variety of architectural lighting projects, working either on interior spaces (ambient lighting) or in exterior ones (lighting building facades), like Sgm p5, Sgm idea par led very white zoom, Coemar ledko 5600°k with lens, Coemar par lite led rgb and ETC source four 575/750w with lens or new arrival such as Sgm TL200, a new led system, which can mix lighting effects with video images, using for example back-wall.


We can provide sophisticated lighting and control systems for architectural projects. We can design architectural lighting control systems that can merge ARTNET and DMX signals with light desk control into one system to fit all requirements. Lighting Desk Control like MA full 1 and 2 version, MA light 1 and 2 version, High End Hog4, Compulite spark 4d and so on, Dimming as Electron dimmer, MA dimmer and Avolite dimmer. Many are the Moving Lighting we have available as Clay Paky, Martin, Robe, SGM and High End which can be used for the show together to the desk control light.


We can provide multiple sound systems (as D&B-Meyer Sound-Bose-QSC-Digico-Yamaha-Mackie) which are designed to withstand different conditions like live sound, convention sound and electronic dance music production/playback.



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