COVIDIEN Convention

covidien5Big numbers for the Covidien convention, a multinational specialized in healthcare products, which took place in Warsaw from 28 to 31 October under the direction of Sinergie.
1,600 guests from all over Europe, and 6 divisions in an event characterized by significant logistical complexity: 6 different plenary conventions running simultaneously, 90 subcommittees, 6 gala dinners in 3 different locations, and a single event at the National Stadium for the closing ceremony.

Our group was entrusted with all the technological support for the event: multiple video projections, portable production units, contents management, audio and lighting for the plenary meetings and the final night at the stadium; video projections and pa system for the 90 subcommittee meetings. An ambitious challenge for a team of more than 60 technicians.


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